Invitation to the 81st Cup

Dear Scandinavian Golfers!
It’s soon time to tee off for the 82nd time since 1956. This time we will return back to the course where Scandinavian cup has been placed most times Fujizakura C.C. The course has been rebuilt since we played there last time and you might have seen the Fujisankei Classic last weekend when it was played at Fujizakura. The course was called “Monstrous Course” as it is the longest (7500 yards) course on the Japanese Pro-tour, however it’s slightly shorter from white (6190) and red (4506) tee. Please see http://www.fujizakura-cc.jp/ or http://www.golf-in-japan.com and search for Fujizakura.

The competition will be held on Friday October 21, with first tee off time at 09:00. We look forward to seeing both old and new players from all the Nordic countries to join the 2005 Autumn Tournament. At this time of the year the scenery is beautiful and you can see Fujisan from many holes, but please remember that the course is on 1000m level!

Maximum 40 players can play, first come - first tee off. We suppose some of you have had plenty of time to practice during the beautiful summer, getting lower hcps, but please remember to inform us about changes, also upwards in case this is the fact. Please remember that we play for fun, and hopefully there will be many nice prizes to win, so just do your best!

We are competing for the 4th prestigious Scandinavian Cup, donated by Jan Helgesen 1996 and Patrik Kärrberg is the defending Champion and Lady’s defending Champion is Bittan Larsson, who will play as a guest and according to the rules a guest can’t win the cup.

The cost for the golf will be around 20,000 yen per person, which includes only golf, fees, lunch, drinks etc. will be added and you should pay directly to the Club before leaving. A starting fee of 5,000 yen, covering the costs for prices and the price ceremony party, will be collected upon your arrival to the club.

As usual we will play the Stableford system (Poängboggie) and in order to give everybody a fair chance, please advise your present handicap, your three latest scores and your Stableford points. Maximum handicap for women is 36 and 30 for men. Junior players have a separate competition. In case of space available, you are allowed to bring a guest, but they can’t win the major prices. Any questions on rules or practical matters contact Calle Eklund or Kjell Groth.

Both the Men and the Ladies can play for the main Cup and ladies have a second chance win a separate Ladies Cup. It’s a nice tradition that each player brings some prices, so please don't forget this and we hope for some interesting prices from our other continuous sponsors as well as from some new sponsors.

You can apply by sending in enclosed sheet by fax (03-3773 7821) or by mail or directly at the home page: http://scancup.groth.hm

There is still time to practice, but please send in your application at latest by October 17!

On behalf of the organizers:

Kjell Groth
kjell.groth (AT) astrazeneca.com
03-5840 1144