Latest Results
(October 21, 2005)

1Rossy Madsen3611232
2Calle Eklund149131
3Pernille Storm189531
4Eero Tammila209030
5Tomo Bystedt38229
6Tomas Hammargren119029
7Lars Werner169629
8Maja Werner169828
9Classe Bystedt2210428
10Ake Larsson139427
11Clas Halling1810226
12Maquie Eklund2310825
13Modde Groth1610525
14Chris Gregory2010024
15Soren Celinder2010824
16Jorgen Madsen1410324
17Bo Rasmussen2010924
18Kalevi Lehikoinen99523
19Patrick Laraignou2511223
20Leif Nilsson2211023
21Timo Varhama2411323
22Kjell Groth2111022
23Bittan Larsson2110821
24Kimiyo Helgesen3612921
25Torben Henriksen3012119
26Bengt Jonsson1510718
27Johan Groth3012518
28Anna-Maria Lehikoinen1311318
29Eric Ullner2512215

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Some pictures from the event:

The happy participants  Beautiful fall leaves  Kjell Groth shows how it's done  Nice On!  Despite bad scores, everyone was happy!  Pair Cup-winners Lars and Maja Werner  Men's Runner-Up Eero Tammila  Men's winner Calle Eklund  Total winner Rossy Madsen receives the Cup  Lars Werner of Lux presents the first prize to Rossy Madsen  (Click to Enlarge)