Official Rules

1. The SCANDINAVIAN GOLF CUP is open to citizens of Nordic(1) countries, their spouses and children with a visa for Japan. There is a special cup for ladies, although they can also compete for the main cup. Young golfers(2) compete in the Junior Class only. Nordic guests are welcome, but only residents of Japan can actually win the cup and the main prices.(3)

2. Maximum handicap for men is 30, for women 36 - however players with higher handicap are welcome, but have to play with the given maximum handicap.

3. We compete using the STABLEFORD SYSTEM(4) and you get 1 point for bogey, 2 points for par, 3 pts for a Birdie, 4 pts for an Eagle, 5 pts for an Albatross. Points given based on net score results.

4. In case two players end up with the same score (i.e. points), the player with the lowest net score wins. If there is still a tie, the player with the lowest handicap wins. If there is still a tie, then the oldest player wins.

5. The committee reserves the right to adjust any player's handicap with which he/she registered to enter the tournament, depending on his or her result(s) in earlier tournaments or on recent scores.

6. When calculating your official handicap, please use the Stableford System and not the Japanese system.

7. The Winner, Runner-Up, and second Runner-Up (3rd place) of the men and women, will have their handicaps reduced with 30%, 20%, and 10%, respectively, in the next tournament they play in.

8. In case a player manages to win an airline ticket, he/she cannot win another one in the following tournament. If he/she wins a second one after that, he/she will not be eligible to win airline tickets for the next two tournaments.

9. Six (6) inches(5) ball replacement is allowed everywhere, except in bunkers and on the greens, but the ball cannot be placed closer to the pin. Please hole out every hole. Absolutely no Gimmies or Mulligans are accepted. Missed swings etc. must also be counted.

10. If part of the green is closed, move the ball sideways to an equivalent distance from the flag onto the open green.

11.If a player hits Out of Bounds (OB), he/she is required to use the "Playing Four" Tee; rehits from the original tee are not permitted (unless such a Tee does not exist on the hole in question).

12.Players are not allowed to use more than two minutes to look for their ball. Please remember to hit a provisional ball when necessary.

13.It is allowed to pick up the ball and give up the hole (and therefore scoring zero points); however, this will result in no official gross or net score, whereby any chance of winning a prize in a tie situation is lost.

14.Important! The official score-card given to every player on registration at the Golf Club must be filled out by a co-player (the marker) showing the player's own score and points only. It must be signed by both player and marker. Each group of players has a captain(6) and who must check all score-cards before they are handed over to the competition committee.

15.(Applies only if the competition is played at Fujizakura G.C.) It is customary to give the caddie a small present, and it is suggested that the player in each group with the lowest net score on the hole preceding the rest house on the second nine, purchases such gift.

16.Special competions apart from the Scandinavian Cup, includes:

17.Players are reminded to sign all papers in the club with your name and locker number and pay before you leave.

18.Unless noted above, the SCANDINAVIAN GOLF CUP TOURNAMENT abides by Official Rules of Golf as defined by R&A and USGA, in addition to any Local Rules, which may or may not negate some of the points above, of the Golf Club where the competition takes place.


(1)Nordic is defined as Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.
(2)Young golfers are considered Juniors up to, and including, the year they turn 21.
(3)'Main' prizes consist of 1st - 3rd price, Booby-Maker, Booby Prize, and Best Gross.
(4)Stableford System is the same as the Swedish term 'poäng bogey'.
(5)Six inches equals approximately 15 centimers.
(6)The captain of each player group is decided by the committee and communicated at registration.
(7)The competition for the Pair Cup is open to all couples, married or non-married, and the winner is determined by adding spouses' scores (points) together.